Our Teachers


Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is the Founder of the NKT-IKBU, a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism.

In his teachings, Geshe Kelsang emphasizes the importance of meditation and how to apply it in daily life, the need to be truly happy, and how to cultivate a good heart to help others. He demonstrates these qualities perfectly in his own life.

General Spiritual Director

Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong is the General Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU and past acting National Spiritual Director of Canada.

Residing most of the year in the UK at Manjushri KMC, she visits Canada to teach at national and regional events, giving public talks on Modern Buddhism. She is a modern Buddhist nun dedicated to helping people from all walks of life attain lasting happiness through developing inner mental peace

Gen Kelsang Zopa

Resident Teacher
A modern Buddhist monk, Gen Zopa has been presenting the profound and practical teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment for over 20 years. He teaches classes, Foundation Program  and the Teacher Training Program in Victoria and Vancouver Island. Renowned for the clarity and depth of his teachings, his warmth and practicality bring to life the ancient art of meditation.

Debbi Jones

Branch Teacher – Sidney and Admin
Debbi is a member of the Teacher Training Program and an experienced teacher of dharma.

She has given a day workshop on Meditation, taught Weekend Wisdom classes, and has been a guest teacher for several other General Program (GP) classes. She is currently the branch teacher for Sidney SHOAL Centre on Monday evenings.

Debbi brings a life-long love of learning and many years of teaching experience to her classes. She enjoys sharing how practical and helpful Dharma is in our everyday lives.


Sachi Tamura

Branch Teacher – Esquimalt
Sachi Tamura is a member of the Teacher Training Program at the Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. She presently teaches weekly General Programme classes at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre on Wednesday evening and Friday noon and at the Centre on Tuesday afternoons. She occasionally teaches day courses, and leads Prayers for World Peace on Sundays.

Sachi’s background includes experience in human services, community music, and death midwifery. These practical, joyful and meaningful experiences are woven into the Dharma teachings.

Nan Keller

Nan is a member of our Teacher Training Program.

She is currently leading noon meditations on Thursdays and teaching a Thursday afternoon class at the Centre. She has been active in the Kadampa community for many years and has taught in the Saturday program since it’s inception.

Tony Prosk

Branch Teacher – Duncan
Tony is a retired school teacher and a musician and has been a practicing Kadampa Buddhist for over 25 years. He is currently in the final year of our Special Teacher Training Program. Tony is known for his knowledge and experience of Buddhist practices and for his ability to teach them and show their relevance and application to modern daily life.

Gail Hill

Branch Teacher – Nanaimo
Gail Hill is is a member of Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre and a student in the international Special Teacher Training Program.

She presently teaches classes at Bowen Park Recreation Complex in Nanaimo on Tuesdays. Gail brings many years of practice and experience to her teaching.

Kelsang Tsalden

Kelsang Tsalden is a Buddhist nun and a member of the Teacher Training Program. She is responsible for our newsletter and our fundraising. She has taught in many venues, including our Wednesday morning and Saturday morning courses at the Center and she has been the branch teacher Duncan, Langford and James Bay. This fall she will be teaching one of the sections of our Saturday series and two half day courses.

Tsalden draws from both her meditation experiences and her life experiences to make her teachings clear and meaningful.

Julia Anderson

EPC and Teacher
Julia is our Education Program Coordinator, and a member of the Teacher Training Program. She is responsible for maintaining our schedule of classes on the website, planning the logistics for our retreats, and supporting our branch teachers.

She generally teaches our Introduction to Meditation day course once or twice a year and well as other Day Courses and she has taught in our company outreach program and been a branch teacher at our Sidney, Oak Bay and Dragon Alley branches. She is currently teaching a section of our Saturday morning series, will be teaching in Quadra Village later this fall. Her experience with teaching leadership and consulting skills classes for many years helps lead to the clarity and organization of her teachings.

Deborah Mabee

Deborah Mabee is a member of the Teacher Training Program, our past Centre Administrative Director and an experienced teacher of dharma. Her teachings are always practical and easy to apply to everyday life.

Deborah is well loved for her warm and welcoming presence and inspiring enthusiasm for Buddha’s teachings.