Our Community

Bodhichitta Centre is dedicated to helping people in Victoria and Vancouver Island discover inner peace and happiness through the practice of meditation.

Supporting the Centre – How can I become involved?

1. Come along to classes.
We are always working to increase the availability of our study and meditation programs by offering public talks and outreach programs as well as opening additional branches. Your attendance at classes will help Dharma to flourish throughout Vancouver Island.

2. Volunteer your help
You can help to maintain and run our Centre and branches. If you have a couple of hours to spare we can always put you to good use! If you have any particular skills you can offer, please contact us.

3. Make a donation
You can help us establish a strong financial basis, essential for being able to continue our work, by making a tax-deductible donation. A gift of any size really matters! Your participation is important to us. Collectively we make a difference. Please contact Deborah Mabee at 250-592-7164

Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre is a registered charity maintained and run by you, the people who attend our courses and classes.

The worldwide Kadampa community is like a global spiritual family because it offers us support and encouragement in our spiritual practice.