Bodhichitta Centre Card

Growing Your Peace of Mind … Drop by Drop

A Centre Card makes it easier for you to attend all the classes, day courses and day retreats at the Centre that you wish. As well, the Centre Card is a chance to be a Centre Supporter in other ways by becoming involved in volunteer activities and to show your support on an ongoing basis. Signing up for a Bodhichitta Centre Card for just $50 per month with a minimum 3 month commitment will keep those seeds of happiness and wisdom growing and thriving.

Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre is a registered charity maintained and run by you, the people who attend our courses and classes.

You can help us establish a strong financial basis, essential for being able to continue with our work – while receiving reduced prices on classes and programs.

More Details are below.

To sign up for a Centre Card or with questions, please contact or call 250-592-7164 ext 2


What classes and courses are covered by the Centre Card?
Included in the Centre Card at no additional charge (free entry) are:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes at the Centre. (Currently 5 classes a week) This will also include any Saturday Series at the Centre.
  • Unlimited drop-in classes at all other locations, except recreation centres. This specifically INCLUDES Sidney Monday morning.
  • Half-day Saturday or Sunday courses at the Centre by local teachers.
  • All day retreats at the Centre. Specifically our annual Guru Yoga, Mandala Offering, and Purification Retreats

Discounts included in the Centre Card are:

  • Full day courses at the Centre are discounted to only $10 for local teachers or $15 for out of town teachers (versus $30 or $35 without a Centre Card.)
  • The Sunday Series of 3 classes is discounted to only $15 for local teachers for Centre Card holders if paid in advance. (versus $40 in advance for all 3 or $15 each at the door without a Centre Card.)
  • Weekend Retreats at the Centre $25 (versus $60 without the card).
  • Empowerments are $25 advance (versus $35 advance without the card). Empowerments are still $40 at the door with or without Centre Card.

What else is included in the Centre Card?
Unless you do not wish it, or opt out of the list later, you will receive email reminders for special chanted prayers, opportunities to volunteer and other news that let you stay more involved in the Centre community.
You also get the knowledge that you are supporting the development of Kadampa Buddhism throughout Vancouver Island.

What is NOT included?
There are no special discounts on off-site retreats.
Our classes at Esquimalt Rec Centre, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, the University of Victoria and SHOAL Centre are not included as the registration for those sites is handled by those entities and we get only a flat fee or a percentage.

How do I sign up and pay?
Please contact or call 250-592-7164 ext.2. You can pay for the card duration (minimum 3 months) in advance by credit card, cheque, cash, or month-to-month by credit card. You can pick up a physical Centre Card at your first “event” or just know that all teachers will have a current month’s list of Centre Card members so that you can be admitted.
For courses and classes with advance registration, you will be able to register in advance as a Centre Card member, which makes it really easy!
If you have no questions, you may click or tap here and use our online form and payment process to sign up.

What is the cost?
For the General Program, which is everything described above, the Centre Card costs $50 per month, with a maximum of $500 per year. The minimum initial commitment is three months.
If 2 adults from the same family are interested, we can provide a 10% discount for $90/month for both persons.
When you renew we ask that you set up payments for either 1/2 year or a full year for clerical convenience, but as a continuing centre card holder you may cancel at any time.

For the Foundation Program or Teacher Training Program, the Centre Card “privileges” are automatically included in your program fees. Both the costs and the commitments are different.For more information on joining an In Depth Study program, including cost, please click here.


We endeavor to have programs and payment methods suitable for all!
And we work very hard to keep our prices affordably low.

Other Class Discount Programs

  • If the Centre Card is not suitable for you, but you attend regularly and want a discount we offer 5 classes for $40 (versus $50 if you drop in 5 times) at all our non-recreation centre classes. This discount is managed within “class groupings” by teacher, so Sidney, Monday at the Centre and Cook Street is one group and any class at the Centre (including that Monday one) is another group and Duncan is a standalone “group”.
  • This fall we are running 2 series of 3 Sunday classes which are $15 each at the door but you can pre-register and pay only $40 for all 3 if you purchase in advance, even without a centre card.

Free or By Donation Events

You can make a regular or one time donation to Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. Donations over $15 will receive a tax receipt.

If you would like to volunteer your time, but do not wish to be a Centre Card member, please