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Blessing Empowerment

Blessing Empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Je Tsongkhapa

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre

During the empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa, we receive the special blessings of this supreme Spiritual Guide, who is the manifestation of the wisdom, compassion and spiritual power of all the Buddhas. He is the Founder of the Buddhism of the Ganden Tradition in general and the Ganden Oral Lineage in particular. His function is to bestow upon us the realizations of wisdom, compassion and the union of great bliss and emptiness, which is the quick path to enlightenment.

Je Tsongkhapa’s way of benefiting living beings is very practical, effective and direct. He teaches us practically how to recognize and solve our daily problems,so that we have the opportunity to attain permanent liberation from suffering and the supreme happiness of enlightenment very quickly.


9.30-10.45 am Introduction
11 am -12:30 pm Blessing Empowerment of Je Tsonkhapa
2-3.30 pm Commentary
3.45-5pm Wishfulfilling Jewel Chanted Prayers with food offerings

Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre
2020A Douglas Street,
Victoria, BC

Gen Kelsang Zopa

A western Buddhist monk and principal Teacher at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. Gen Zopa has been presenting the profound and practical teachings of the Buddhist path to enlightenment throughout Canada for the past 11 years. Renowned for his clarity and depth of his teachings, his warmth and practicality bring to life the ancient art of meditation.