Centre Card Renewal Payment

Thank you for renewing your Centre Card. Please note that current Centre Card terms and privileges will always be at the Centre Card page which you can also find on the drop down menu from “Our Centre”.

For renewals the minimum term is 1 month. Unless you know for sure when you will no longer want to be in the program, we suggest you implement your renewal by selecting the 10 months subscription which will charge you $50 per month for a total of 10 months, which will subscribe you to the program for a full calendar year. since you can terminate this at any time, it just makes things easier on the paperwork. You may also choose to pay in a lump sum for 1 to 6 months, or for a year, in advance in a lump sum.. just keep scrolling down. If you wish to pay by cheque, you may do so at the Centre.

Pay on a Monthly Basis by Credit Card

You will need to have a Paypal account to process this way. If you don’t have one just start by clicking on the “debit or credit card” underneath the log in button. This is entirely secure.

Subscription Options – these options will charge your card for $50 each month on the anniversary of your processing for the duration you choose (3 months, 6 months or 10 months – 10 months pays for 1 full calendar year) Any of the monthly options can be cancelled at any time during the period, so have no fear in signing up for the 10 monthis – it just makes thiings easier.


Centre Card – 10 months maximum term (10 months covers a full calendar year)


Centre Card – 6 months maximum term


Centre Card – 3 months maximum term


Renewal- Lump Sum

You may choose 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 months (The 10 month payment enrolls you for a full calendar year)

Number of Months in this Payment
Student Name / Start Month

You do NOT need a Paypal Account for this option… just look for the words “Don’t Have a Paypal Account?” underneath the login button and click there to enter your credit or debit card information.

If you need assistance please email or call 250-800-2022