Kadampa Festivals

International Kadampa Festivals are special courses taught by the Spiritual Director and Deputy Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition.

Festivals include teachings and empowerments from the principal Teacher, reviews and meditations led by senior teachers, chanted meditations and offering ceremonies, and retreats to consolidate and deepen your understanding and experience.

Open to everyone, these International Festivals are a wonderful opportunity to meet with Buddhist practitioners from all over the world and share experience and understanding with them. There are three International Festivals each year.

Upcoming International Festivals for 2017

May 26 – 31 at Manjushri KMC, UK
Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya and teachings on loving kindness with Gen-la Jampa

July 21 – August 8 at Manjushri KMC, UK
Week 1 – Empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni and teachings from Transform Your Life with Gen-la Dekyong
Week 2 – Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony and teachings from Transform Your Life with Gen-la Khyenrab

October 6 – 12 in Tharpalan International Retreat Centre, Germany
Empowerment of Buddha Avalokiteshvara and teachings on Universal Compassion with Gen-la Dekyong

View videos, photos, and reviews of previous International Festivals.

Dharma Celebrations

National and regional Dharma Celebrations are taught by National Spiritual Directors in various countries each year.

The next Western Canada Dharma Celebration (WCDC) will be held in Vancouver in Feb or March 2018.

Canadian National Festival
will be held at KMC Canada in Toronto June 9-13, 2017

Countries in which Kadampa Centres are established have National Spiritual Directors who oversee the spiritual development in the centers in their country, and who give public teachings at large events such as Dharma Celebrations.

Proceeds from Festivals and Dharma Celebrations support the International Temples Project.