Sidney – Monday Evenings

Weekly Classes – By Registration or Drop In

SHOAL Activity Centre
Mondays 6:30 – 7:45 pm

January 8 to June 4, 2018
No classes Feb 12, April 2 or May 21
10030 Resthaven Drive
Sidney, BC

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

Discover the power of meditation to gradually reduce stress, overcome worries and anxiety, increase positivity and improve relationships. Each class will begin with a meditation followed by a practical, meaningful Buddhist teaching. There will be a brief break with tea and cookies before the final meditation. This class is suitable for people with all levels of experience with meditation. We will sit in chairs or, if you prefer, you may bring your own meditation cushion.


Debbi Jones is a long-time member of the Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre and part of the Teacher Training program. She has had the privilege of leading meditation sessions, teaching full and half day workshops, Saturday Series classes, and is the branch teacher of the Sidney Monday evening class. Debbi brings a life-long love of learning and many years of teaching experience to her classes. She enjoys sharing how practical and helpful Dharma is in our everyday lives.


April 9, 16, 23
The Four Noble Truths: Buddhist Solutions for our Human Problems

The first teaching Buddha gave was the Sutra of the Four Noble Truths in which he explained the actual path to liberation from suffering. We need this wisdom to solve our human problems. At present we do not clearly distinguish between objects to be abandoned and objects to be attained. As a result we remain under the control of our delusions and continue to create causes for our suffering. Liberation is a permanent inner peace attained through the complete abandonment of delusions. When through training in the paths to liberation our mind is completely released from delusions, we attain true freedom or nirvana.

April 30, May 7, 14
Love without Pain

Why is it that so often our relationships and interactions with others result in a storm of painful emotions? Why do we feel so much grief when we are separated from those we care for? And why does what appeared to be a “perfect match” so often end in conflict? The answer to all these questions can be found within Buddha’s teachings on love and attachment. By learning to distinguish between these two very different, but often mixed states of mind, we can establish the foundation for lasting harmonious relationships, improve our experience of pure love and solve many of our daily problems.

May 28 and June 4 (No Class May 21)
Following our Buddha Nature

Each and every living being has within them the seed or potential to become a Buddha – this is our Buddha nature. To follow the Buddhist path to enlightenment there is no need to change our external lifestyle, but we do need to change our ordinary view that we are the centre of the universe and that other people and things derive their significance principally from the way in which they affect us. By developing a more realistic view of the world, based on the equality and interdependence of all living beings, we shall naturally develop good intentions towards them.


Register in advance for Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
with the SHOAL Centre
by calling 250-656-5537 or in person *

You can also drop in to any single session for $10.50, pay at the desk.
As well as signing in and paying at the front desk, please ALSO sign in with the teacher. Thank you.

Jan 8 – Free Demo Class
Jan 15 -Feb 26, no class Feb 12, Family Day – 6 sessions
Mar 5 – Apr 16, no class Apr 2, Easter Monday – 6 sessions
Apr 23 – June 4, no class May 21, Victoria Day- 6 sessions

6 sessions for $54 registering in advance with the SHOAL Centre
or $10.50 drop in to any session
Suitable for all levels

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Do I have to be a Buddhist to benefit from meditation?
No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind. Buddhists respect all people and are happy to help anyone regardless of whether they subscribe to another faith, or to none.

Do I need to have experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend the classes?
No. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.

What do I need to bring to class?
Nothing in particular, however if you wish to take notes bring a pen and notepad.

How should I dress for class?
No special clothing is required. We recommend wearing something comfortable.

Do you provide meditation cushions?
No, we only provide the chairs that are at the site. You may, however, bring your own cushion or bench if you wish.