Bodhichitta Centre – Sun Morning

Pre-Registration Recommended

Roadmap to Happiness:
Strategies for Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life

A series of 3 courses, each held on 3 consecutive Sundays with Gen Kelsang Zopa

$40 in advance for all 3 Saturdays for each course.
Or drop in for $15 per session, cash or credit card at the door.
Center Card Members: $10 if you register in advance for the whole course or $5 cash at the door for drop in.
(Pre-registration ends at 3 pm on the day before the first class date in each course.)

The current (and last) course is:

Freedom from Attachment and Fear: Training in Renunciation

Sunday April 30, May 7, 14; 10am-12pm
Bodhichitta Centre
970 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC

Having gone beyond the suffering dream of samsara, a Buddha is completely free. We should know that to take the real meaning of our human life we must do the same. In this course, Gen Zopa will give precise instructions on how to clearly identify the root of our own samsara and give essential advice on how we can eradicate self-grasping from our mind completely.

April 30 The cycle of uncontrolled rebirth
May 7 Self-grasping ignorance
May 14 Realizing Emptiness