Centre Card Payment by Credit Card Page – Renewal

Thank you for renewing your Centre Card. Please note that current Centre Card terms and privileges will always be at the Centre Card page which you can find on the drop down menu from “Our Centre”.

We ask that you renew for a minimum period of 6 months, preferably for a whole year. This eases our clerical burden considerably. But please know that may cancel at any time for any reason and we will immediately terminate the monthly payments or refund any balance if you pre-paid in a lump sum.

While the monthly fee for the Centre Card is $50, the annual fee will never be more than $500 as long as you pay continuously for at least 10 months. Therefore it takes only 10 months to pay for a full year.

Just scroll on down to find the payment option that works for you.

Pay on a Monthly Basis by Credit Card

You will need to have a Paypal account to process this way. This is entirely secure. If you don’t have or wish to set up a payment account, you may provide us with post dated cheques for the 6 or 10 month period.

Two Subscription Options – they will charge $50 each month for 6 or 10 months .

Centre Card – 6 months


Centre Card – 10 months (pays for 1 year)


Pay in Advance by Credit Card – Lump Sum

You may choose a half year or a full year

No Paypal account is required to process this way. Just be sure to select the “Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit” button that appears below the log in.

Select Option
Student Name / Start Month

If you need assistance please email or call 250-800-2022