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Reincarnation: How to understand death and rebirth

Saturday, May 14, 21, 28, 2016
with Deborah Mabee
Bodhichitta Centre
970 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC

Many people believe that when the body disintegrates at death, the continuum of the mind ceases and the mind becomes non-existent, like a flame going out when all the wax has been burned. Buddha taught that our mind and body are separate entities, and so even though the body disintegrates at death, the continuum of the mind remains unbroken. Instead of ceasing, the mind simply leaves the present body and goes to the next life. By reflecting on the nature of the mind we can gain a deep understanding of the existence of our future lives. This will motivate us to prepare for the happiness of our future lives, or try to attain permanent liberation from suffering by abandoning our delusions.